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ALexander Broughton

Creative Director

Alexander is the creator of Make a Scene, he has had a long history in the film industry.  Studying film, he started a production company that has grown to create award-winning projects.  Alexander is the Lead Creative Director and Photographer at
Make A Scene.
James Hughes

Director of Development

James is Director of photography and the Technical Director at Make A Scene, reasonable for integrating new media and experimenting with new technology.  He is the lead compositional and video editor at Make Scene.  James’s long history in the Film industry gave him experience playing with cross-platform digital media design.
James Dolby

Director of Operations

James is a trained Producer, Locations Manager for the Directors Guild of Canada, and an Actor - with training in NewYork, London, Los Angles, Vancouver & Toronto.  James co-ordinates and is the project manager for Make A Scene. 
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